4th Annual IECRC Women's Milad Shareef Conference

Dedicated to

The Mothers of
The Noble Prophets

(Peace Be Upon Them)

Hazrat Maryam            and            Hazrat Aminah
               peace be upon her                                                                                              may Allah Almighty
                                                                                                                                       be well pleased with her
Role Models for Contemporary Women


Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 PM 

Mehran Restaurant

5774 Mowry School Road, Newark, CA 94560 
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Press Release

Islamic Women’s Conference Seeks
Common Ground, Outreach, Bridge-Building, and Interfaith Dialog

July 10, 2009 (Fremont, California): The Islamic Educational and Cultural Research Center (IECRC), a seven year old non-profit organization based out of Northern California will hold its 4th Annual Women’s Conference on Sunday July 19 in Newark’s exquisite Mehran Restaurant at 5 PM. IECRC was created in the wake of the September 11 tragedy to promote understanding, peace and tolerance in our communities. This Conference is organized primarily by women for women. The purpose of keeping it gender specific is to address women’s issues in a focused manner.

The world today is the victim of much stereotyping vis-à-vis Islam, especially in the context of women’s rights and roles. Through its Annual Women's Conferences, IECRC intends to break these stereotypes by bringing to light the shining female luminaries of the Islamic intellectual and spiritual tradition. The contributions of these great women are immense and warrant attention in the modern age as a source of inspiration, guidance, and healing to women both within and outside the fold of the Islamic faith and practice. Amongst the most distinguished women in Islam are those of the Blessed Household (may God be pleased with them all) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as they drank directly from the spiritual and intellectual waters of His Blessed Company and Teachings.

This year’s Conference is dedicated to Mother Mary (peace be upon her) and Mother Aminah (peace be upon her), the respected mothers of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). By co-dedicating the Conference to the revered Mother Mary (peace be upon her), IECRC is making attempts to reach out to other faith communities who share love and reverence for her. Such outreach, which is a fundamental mandate of Islamic teachings, is imperative for increased understanding and collaboration in our modern world.
Islam arrived in Arabia over 1400 years ago at a time when it was steeped in the depths of oppression and shackles of abuse, especially of women. Baby girls were buried alive; women were treated like property with no rights and considered second class citizens. However with the advent of Islam, women’s safety, dignity and inherent rights to their property and name were not just restored, but women were given the honor of being the “committed and equal partners of men” in their service to God Almighty. Created from a single soul the Holy Quran stresses the spiritual equality & potential of men and women. Furthermore, Islamic teachings highly encourage the attainment of education by women. Some of the greatest scholars of Islam were women, many of whom taught men, transmitting a vast body of Prophetic literature (Hadeeth). However unfortunately Muslims today have become distant from the essential teachings of Islam as a result of which the Muslim world is found to be in much disarray in general and for women in particular.

IECRC feels that it is through the education, encouragement, and appreciation of the women whom it serves that it can achieve its goal. “The position of women in Islam as outlined by its teachings is very high. However lack of knowledge and self interest groups have painted the opposite picture.” explains Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ahmed Qadri, Founding Director of the IECRC. By dedicating its Women’s Conferences to the great examples of the by-gone era, IECRC inspires women today to face up to the challenges of the modern world while maintaining their cultural identity. Through this Conference IECRC would like people to reflect upon why Muslim women who don Mother Mary (peace be upon her) like attire are looked down upon with disdain whereas nuns are treated with the utmost respect. Both groups are upholding the same timeless value of modesty. However the “veil” (hijab) is symbolic of purity in one group and that of oppression in another.
Join us to understand how Muslim women in the West today are working hard not just to raise productive citizens of the next generation, but are also contributing positively in every facet of society following the legacy of our pious female predecessors. Presenting at the Conference will be Interfaith expert, Ms. Michelle Hasan, Assistant Director of the Oakland Housing Authority; Minister Melba Meakin, Founder of the James Brady Therapeutic Riding Program; Rev. Barbara Meyers, Community Minister of the Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation; and other dynamic speakers from different walks of life representing multiple faiths. Poetry recitals and children’s presentations will be an integral part of the evening. Attendance is expected from around the Greater Bay Area and beyond. We invite all women regardless of religion or race to join us for an evening of spirituality, knowledge, poetry, community building, and friendship.

Admission is free. Complimentary Dinner will be served.
This event is open to all women. (Sorry, no childcare is available.)


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Organizational Contacts:
Ayyaz Yousaf, Qadri, Co-Founder and Director, IECRC: 408-833-5092 - ayyazy@yahoo.com
Sharaaz Khan, Qadri, Director, IECRC: 916-473-3343 - sharaaz2001@yahoo.com
Syeda Zille Humma Qadri: 510-575-6681 - Bay Area Women's Committee Coordinator
Sister Fatima Sharaaz Qadri: 916-687-7547 - Sacramento Women's Committee Coordinator
Conference Coordination Committee:
Sister Bushra Shaanawaz Qadri (Sacramento)
Sister Ashiyana Riaz Qadri (Hayward)
Sister Hamidah Mohammad (Hayward)
Sister Layla Ahmed Ali (Hayward)
Sister Mumtaz Begum (Fremont)
Media Contact:
Syeda Shagufta Ahmad, Qadri: 510-938-9253 - shaguftaahmad2000@yahoo.com

General Email : info@iecrcna.org
General Phone: 510-732-6786
Website: www.iecrcna.org and www.maulud.org


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